How To Deal With Your Storm-Damaged Roof [Including The Insurance Process]

While hurricanes and earthquakes have other places to be, the Midwest is host to some of nature’s most damaging storms. From tornadoes and strong winds to hail and lightning strikes, these acts of nature leave your home and roof extremely vulnerable.

After a storm hits, we know all too well how stressful and time consuming the process of roof repair can be after a storm hits. Dealing with insurance companies and leaving your home vulnerable to additional damage is not acceptable. Seeing, far too often, the frustration of those affected by these circumstances, we decided to do something about it.

Let’s explore how to deal with your storm-damaged roof, including the insurance process.

Most Common Storm Damage Issues

Hail Damage

Hail Damage.

Of all Fargo roof repairs due to storm damage, hail damage is the most common we see and often necessitates complete roof replacement. Why is hail so damaging? When hail hits roofing material it knocks off the stone granules, exposing and fracturing the mat of the shingle – the mat is the moisture defense of the shingle. Once it is exposed, shingles wear out very quickly.
Hail is not easily observed and it takes an expert to assess what is, and isn’t, hail damage. Many homeowners tell us they didn’t notice anything and end up with complete roof replacement when we are done working with them. While your roof may not show any immediate signs of leaking, it may end up only lasting 5 of its 15-year life expectancy. The insurance company owes you for this and our experts will be there to help make sure it happens. The size of hail is irrelevant, so we advise a call whenever hail hits your property. We never charge for storm inspections.

Wind Damage.

If you hadn’t noticed already, our area is windy place. When the trees are bending and the flags are losing their threads, our shingles are in a vulnerable state. Caused by any combination of high winds, cheap shingles, improper nailing, and/or lack of functional sealant, wind damage is an issue that requires immediate attention. Missing shingles allow moisture to directly infiltrate your home and cause significant damage. The plus side? Wind damage is limited solely to the missing shingles. This reality makes repair quick and easy. If you notice wind damage, call Fargo Roofing and Siding to assess your roof immediately.

Fallen Trees/Other Objects.

Regardless of cause, fallen objects often puncture completely through the roof and down into the attic itself. Like hail and wind damage, this damage requires immediate attention. While we wait for insurance companies to show up and assess the situation with our team, Fargo Roofing & Siding will tarp the damaged area immediately.

Lightning Strikes.

If lightning hits your home, you will know it! Call us for immediate temporary repairs and subsequent insurance processes.

What Should I Do After The Storm?

Local Work Illustration
  1. Make sure everybody is safe and all warnings have expired.
  2. Inspect your home for fallen trees or other objects.
  3. If there is sunlight, inspect your roof for any missing shingles and inspect siding for cracks or holes.
  4. If the ground is littered with hailstones, collect the bigger ones and put them in your freezer immediately.
  5. Call Fargo Roofing & Siding for the only free full-service inspection offered in the Fargo area.
  6. DO NOT WORK WITH ANY STORM CHASING COMPANIES. HIRE LOCAL ONLY TO AVOID ISSUES AND POTENTIAL SCAMS. Fargo Roofing & Siding has a 4-hour radius. We know this is the biggest territory we can cover and still uphold our standard of service and quality.

Handling The Repair & Insurance Claim Process

Once our inspection is complete, we will be able to accurately determine whether or not your storm-damaged roof simply requires a small repair or is extensive enough to warrant an insurance claim. We are the only company in the Fargo Moorhead area that will manage your claim for you. We tell our customers they have 2 jobs: manage the money and pick the colors. To minimize the stress a storm-damaged roof can cause, we will handle the insurance process and repairs for you. Once you contact us, our process begins immediately:
  1. Inspect your property.
  2. Meet your adjuster.
  3. Supplement the insurance estimate for any additional repairs that are missed by the adjuster.
  4. Get all 3rd party checks released for you from your bank.
  5. Carry out some, or all, of the repairs depending on your preference.
  6. Recover your depreciation for you.
  7. Manage your friends’ and families’ claims when we are finished with your project.
If you choose another contractor to work with:
  • Expect a number for one portion of the repairs that may or may not be in line with the insurance companies estimate.
  • Expect the repair of that particular trade.
  • Expect to have to figure out the rest of the process yourself.

Save the headache and hire the premium experience and service available in our region.

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