5 Roof Issues That Require Immediate Attention

Many us take the protective barrier above our heads for granted. As the one thing between a cozy home and potential disaster, your roof can’t go overlooked or be neglected. In order to function properly, your roof requires continued maintenance and close observation.

However, there are situations in which your roof requires immediate attention. If avoided, these issues could lead to catastrophic damage, significant repair/replacement costs, and unwanted inconvenience.

Let’s explore the 5 roof issues that require immediate attention.



A leaky roof is the most common issue we encounter. It’s also the issue that requires immediate attention the most.

Water intrusion is a home’s worst enemy. From mold and rot to damaged belongings, water has the potential to wreak havoc on your home and well-being.

The worst part? Determining the source of the roof leak can be extremely challenging. Among the countless leaks we encounter, the source of the roof leak on the outside rarely matches where the leak appears on the inside. Because a roof leak typically isn’t the result of one specific problem, a professional inspection is required to correctly diagnose and fix.

Hail Damage

In our region, severe thunderstorms have the potential to dump destructive hail on our vehicles, crops, heads, and roofs.

Many homeowners we talk to are unaware of the fact that hail can damage their roof. It’s typically their vehicles that gain all the attention.

How does hail affect your roof? Your asphalt shingles are covered with protective granules. These granules not only give aesthetic appeal to the shingles, but they also serve to protect the underlying asphalt. Hail has the ability to dislodge these granules and expose the underlying asphalt to sunlight and weather conditions.

  • Ultraviolet light breaks down the asphalt, reducing the integrity of the shingle.
  • Cold weather causes the shingle to expand and contract, reducing the integrity of the shingle.

If you believe your roof was damaged from hail, call us for a free inspection so we can start the process of getting your roof back to its original condition as quickly as possible. We also handle the insurance process for you.


Ice Dams


An ice dam is a ridge of ice at the edge of roof that prevents water from properly draining off your roof. The backed-up water and ice can lead to shingle and roof damage, and eventually, lead to severe leaks.

Ice dam formation is typically caused by poor attic insulation and ventilation. Excess heat in your attic causes snow, on the upper portion of your roof, to melt and trickle down towards the lower portion. Because the lower portion of your roof stays cool, this water freezes and eventually forms an ice dam.

So, while you might look upon massive icicles and dams as non-threatening, it’s in your best interest to call a specialist immediately.

Lack of Kick-Out Flashings

Sometimes referred to as a diverter flashing, a kick-out flashing diverts water away from wall surfaces adjacent to the roof. When installed properly, these flashings prevent unwanted water penetration into your home’s walls and interior.

Kick-out flashings are required at all intersections between roof and exterior wall. If absent, water will be funneled underneath the siding and become trapped in your walls. The most common sign of chronic water trapping is a stain, on the exterior wall, near an intersection.


Curling Shingles


The only good thing about curling shingles is that they are easy to detect. Curling shingles are caused by a multitude of possible factors:

  • Improper ventilation – leads to uneven heating on either side of the shingle, causing it to warp
  • Defective product
  • End of lifecycle
  • Excess exposure to sun and extreme weather

Regardless of the reason, curling shingles must be taken care of immediately. Curling shingles are a sign of a failing roof system and the negative effects can snowball quickly.

If you believe your roof could be victim to any of these roof issues, contact us immediately. The last thing we want is for the negative outcomes, associated with these issues, to consume your time, energy, and resources. We can be reached at or at sales@fargoroofing.com.